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WordPress Security Checklist

How can I make my WordPress-installation secure? What updates in the htaccess-file are necessary to have a good block against criminals and other bad people?

Check the WordPress Security Checklist at

As a webdeveloper I often use WordPress as my favorite content-manangement-system. But once it leaves my desk and the customer takes over, he/she forgets about the most important thing, WordPress-user have to remember: Always think about updating plugins, themes and the core. Stay up to date!

So that’s why I created the website, so my customers have a place where they can look out for a little tutorial about updating wordpress and it’s relevant files.

The Internet Toolbox

Introduction to The Internet Toolbox

Internet-Toolbox is a website that offers “Tools and Helpers for your daily life.” The website is free to sign up for, and easy to use. The website currently has the following free tools available for use: a basic calculator, a rule of three calculator, a currency converter, a password check, and a WHOIS Lookup. The website will be offering other free tools in the near future.

Basic Calculator

Internet Toolbox’s basic calculator offers capabilities for four basic operations: addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication. The great thing about this calculator is that you can simply type numbers and they show up on the calculator. Internet Toolbox also offers a nifty little list that can help you tabulate a list of numbers you are attempting to calculate, too.

Rule of Three Calculator

The free rule of three calculator that Internet Toolbox offers allows you to complete basic math problems with three variables. The application has two slots for the “Initial Proportions” and a third slot for the third value, the “New Proportion.” The fourth slot is where the “Result” of your calculation shows up.

WHOIS Lookup

Internet Toolbox recently introduced a WHOIS Lookup that allows the user to find out who is behind a domain name or IP address. The application runs the domain or an IP address that was searched for through a variety of different domain registrars. This information is available for free on a website, but can be difficult to access if you are not particularly tech savvy. The Internet Toolbox’s WHOIS Lookup allows the user to quickly and efficiently determine who is behind a website domain, as well as provide basic contact information for that person.

Currency Converter

For world travelers looking to quickly convert their currency into another, Internet Toolbox’s Currency Converter tool is an invaluable asset. To make a conversion, simply enter the monetary value, select the currency you are trying to convert from, as well as the currency you are trying to convert to. Click the “Convert” button, and the work is done for you. Conversion rates are provided by, a legitimate source for up-to-the-second conversion rates.

Password Check

The Password Check tool is another application recently offered by Internet Toolbox. The tool was created to help users find out if their passwords are too common, too weak, or just right. For those looking to keep their personal information and data secure, a strong, difficult to decipher password is incredibly important. No passwords run through the application will be saved by Internet Toolbox, so your attempts to find the perfect password are completely secure. The Password Checker uses a special algorithm to check the strength of a password, versus how common that password is.

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